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Beijing Shanghe Kexing Instrument Tech Co., Ltd is a R&D and sales company to do environmental analysis instrument & water quality detecting instrument. Standing in the leading edge, this company focuses on product quality guaranty projects, with the service including environmental protection inspection, steel plant, oil, chemical industry,

Abstract:National standard methods of environmental monitoring determination of ammonia nitrogen used in China are the nessler's reagents spectrophotometer, salicylic acid spectrophotometer, distillation - titration method and electrode method. SK-100 type laboratory automated ammonia nitrogen analyzer follows ammonia nessler's colorimetric law, with the cold light source, narrow band interference filter technology and single chip computer digital processing technology, not only achieving the high operating stability, but also ensuring a high automation and high accuracy, which can be widely used in monitoring surface water and industrial wastewater.

Keywords: ammonia nitrogen; monitoring; SK-100 laboratory automatic ammonia nitrogen analyzer.


After sale service commitment

1 The warranty period, all the provisions of the warranty parts are free.

2 Warranty period to provide a home repair and maintenance.

3 Out warranty period, according to the different needs of customers, providing a variety of service options, such as: full service, annual, quarterly service contracts;

4 Call response time in 60min, in 7 working days to repair; as a result of special circumstances, can't solve, provision of spare parts, spare parts or spare machine;

5 After each repair maintenance is completed, by the customer to sign to confirm repair report.

1) On each of the repair report, supplies, spare parts purchase records are detailed record of customer service management system, this system can provide the user of the machine repair, supplies, accessories purchase history analysis, trouble free operation analysis, equipment service life analysis. And according to the above analysis the results provide reference for the next equipment purchase;

2) All maintenance, customer service, repair service, 100% 72h phone pay a return visit, confirming the service attitude and quality of telephone return visit, in order to form a sound to electrical, calls the service content recording system.

3) Authorized service providers are equipped with standard parts library, to ensure that customer's normal repair;

4) All the engineers have to undergo a rigorous training and get our company’s certificate, and provide professional customer service for customers. While our company site engineer also to regularly visit the agents and users, and provide a strong technical support.

6 The commitment of the software service:

①Of all products free of charge software version upgrade services;

②Provided free upgrade version of the driver ( optical disc medium, FTP WEB download, Download );

7 On the sale of products, as long as the customers are still in use for its customer service, all services are committed to responsible in the end.

8 Sales of equipment in installation and debugging after the customer service requirements in 72h users pay a return visit, visit the main content about the use condition of the instruments and the views of users. A new installation apparatus after his first visit in 15 days once again visit, after three months of every month for a user visits. Visit people, time, content and apparatus used to complete the current situation of after sale service record. The installation and debugging is not enabled instrumentation customer requests a month again, every two months after the visit an understanding enabled.

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